My first newsletter

Random Sunday thoughts, why not

I’m quarantining in Italy, it’s Sunday, it’s rainy, and I’m listening to The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett. 1975. Before I was even born.
I figured it would be the ideal setup to start a newsletter on Substack. Right?

It’s so hard to write with your heart today. There’s so much out there. There’s podcasts (like the one I do for Cota Capital), there’s newsletters, blog posts everywhere.
There’s even what I would call a “Substack fatigue”, much better expressed by Lars as the “five bucks fatigue” in relation to paid subscription. (for non-Americans: a “buck” is a dollar - we always assume everyone knows, but someone doesn’t).

I love writing, and I could certainly write about several subjects. The problem is: why should I write, and why should you read me instead of someone else?

My keywords are: technology + startups + investing, and giving everything a human touch. But also the higher questions, the “Why we do this”, the unconventional thinking and “How to think for yourself”.

Want to join me in this journey? Subscribe.
Game on.